Formicophilia is a music project I created from my love of the grotesque, my own personal pain, trauma, and degenerecy. Some of the "music" I make for Formicophilia is my way of venting certain difficult things I feel, and other times is me showing my love of "disgusting things". Formicophilia was inspired a lot by guro hentai, or just weird hentai in general. I'm a big fan of artists like Henmaru Machino, Waita Uziga, Jun Hayami, Trevor Brown, as well as many others. I also really like horror movies, and things that are just gross or disturbing in general. Another thing that inspired my idea for Formicophilia is insects. It's pretty obvious that bugs are a big part of Formicophilia. I think bugs are some of the most interesting creatures in this world. They are so alien-like and creepy in their own unique way. The term Formicophilia is the fetish for the sensation of insects on the body. I tried to replicate this feeling in the sound of some of my music. Formicophilia is a personal noise project that I use to express difficult emotions as well as other things.